Daddy, I’m A Zombie

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Last winter I was working on an animated film called “Daddy, I’m A Zombie” for Digital Dreams Films. I was making compositions with Nuke and atmospherical effects (like rain or mist) with Maya. The movie was nominated for the Goya Awards 2012 and won the Enfants Terribles Award at FICXixon. Trailer: Daddy I’m A Zombie: Digital Dreams Films:


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Last year I was working on Wrinkles (Arrugas in spanish) like a special effects compositor. I took care of atmospheric and aquatic effects in most sequences they needed. I used 3D and 2D techniques depending of the effect’s nature like clouds, vapor, snow, water, etc. The film won the Best Animated Film & Best Adapted Screenplay at Goya Awards 2012, …

New website

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I’m just opening this new version of my professional website eKaia Design: I needed a better place to show my work and my opinions at the net and finally… here is it! You can check my reel, my bio, my resume, and you can contact me more easily than ever by the contact form inside the website and the social …