Hello Stockholm, Goodbye Kansas

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Since some months ago I moved to Stockholm to work in Goodbye Kansas: This is a studio as result of the merge of Fido, Bläck, Infinite Entertatinment and other companies. They work making visual effects for cinema, commercials, motion graphics, videogames and much more. With professionals of different but closer guilds in the same space it makes a very creative …

El Ranchito VFX: Warcraft, Anacleto & Ahora O Nunca

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Months ago I worked as digital compositor for El Ranchito VFX in their production office in Barcelona for some national films, like Anacleto: Agente Secreto and Ahora O Nunca, and an international film from the hand of Industrial Light and Magic: Warcraft. Ahora O Nunca is a love spanish comedy directed by María Ripoll, released last May. Anacleto: Agente secreto …

La Rosa de Foc (The Rose of Fire)

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Some months ago I explained my work at Mediapro in a stereoscopic movie project named as “BCN3D”, directed by Manuel Huerga“. Now the official name is La Rosa de Foc (The Rose of Fire). The movie is a long sequence shot (yes, just one) builted by multiples recording from more than 150 different places from Barcelona city over the course of …


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ADRI is a shortfilm written and directed by Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren where I collaborated making some visual effects. The film was selected for international festivals (such as the Brussels Short Film Festival, Rafi Peer International Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine UNAM, Independent Days Filmfest, European Short Film Festival, Gaudi Awards, and more! ). Also it was nominated and/also was …

Daddy, I’m A Zombie

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Last winter I was working on an animated film called “Daddy, I’m A Zombie” for Digital Dreams Films. I was making compositions with Nuke and atmospherical effects (like rain or mist) with Maya. The movie was nominated for the Goya Awards 2012 and won the Enfants Terribles Award at FICXixon. Trailer: Daddy I’m A Zombie: http://papasoyunazombi.com Digital Dreams Films: http://digitaldreams.es