La Rosa de Foc (The Rose of Fire)

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Some months ago I explained my work at Mediapro in a stereoscopic movie project named as “BCN3D”, directed by Manuel Huerga. Now the official name is La Rosa de Foc (The Rose of Fire).

The movie is a long sequence shot (yes, just one) builted by multiples recording from more than 150 different places from Barcelona city over the course of a year. Every fragment of the puzzle will be stitched in postproduction (that’s my duty! 😉 ) and the result will be a travel around Barcelona without cuts. I like to think that this is like if you ride a huge rollercoaster that can show you the most charming places in the catalan city.

We’re working with Autodesk Maya & The Foundry Nuke to create the bridges between shots & FX. Also to conform the stereoscopical footage we are working with SGO Mistika.

The film will get international distribution with the intention to show it in many countries as possible.

The cinematographic magazine Cameraman had published an interesting interview to the director of photography Jordi Bransuela. Check it here*.

More details soon.


 *The interview is written in spanish and needs subscription if you want to read it online.

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