“Animation from Spain”

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IBL Studio featured the reportage “Animation from Spain” where is explained the success from animated productions made in Spain.

The video has been commented by Ignacio Pérez Dolset (Ilion Animation Studios), John Hopewell (Variety), Nico Matji (Lightbox Entertainment), Manuel Sicilia (Kandor Graphics), Manuel Cristóbal (Perro Verde Films), Pierre Nothman (Tomavistas),Carlos Biern (BRB Internacional), Sergi Reitg (Imira Entertainment), Javier Mariscal y Miguel Ángel Doncel (SGO).

There are some productions in the video that I was working in, like Wrinkles or Rudy the Cloud Boy.




Thanks Manuel Cristobal & Miguel Gómez for the source.

In spanish at CICE’s website: http://cice.es/noticia/animation-from-spain/

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