More with less: The Great Big Ball Of Fire

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Sometimes I tell to my students how important it is when in a composition we are trying to make an effect: Maybe we will find some powerful plugins to save the day. That’s great, but someday thouse plugins or shortcuts maybe won’t be able to create a specific effect, and that is really important when we are working for ads or in a movie under the director’s orders…

This is a little test that I made: It’s a realistic Sun created with the most simple effects in Adobe After Effects like Fractal Noise or Radial Blur. No 3D or extra plugins. Watch it in full screen and HD quality if you can.


The video intentionally has grain noise and artifacts: I wanted to recreate the look like the view from a satellite with some sensor failures. For that reason I looked for some pictures from the SOHO satellite to use as references.

I will post a breakdown shortly.

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