El Turista Cósmico

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For several years now, I have had a parallel website in spanish on which I write articles about visual effects, cinema, art, video games, and some current topics: El Turista Cósmico (The Cosmic Tourist).

Since last year, I have decided to give it a little more push by starting to stream on Twitch and now also on YouTube. Although it sounds paradoxical, El Turista Cósmico is my way of disconnecting: From there I can take the hard and technical part of my professional world and bring it to a more relaxed and understandable place.

This is my personal project where I can share my passion with a wider audience. Through my website and my streams, I hope to reach more people and help them understand and appreciate these topics as much as I do. Even though the main language is spanish, the content is for everyone, and I’m open to interact with people speaking English as well 😉

See you online!

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