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Throughout this time I have used some techniques that I have repeated in my compositions. These are simple methods but quite useful, so I’ve decided to start creating some scripts to have them easier than typing them from scratch whenever I need them.

ekaGradient is the equivalent of Photoshop’s color gradient or Colorama in After Effects, something I’ve always missed working at Nuke. It can be used by creating a color gradient to change the image, as well as it can be used for other uses such as keying.


In this early version you can make a gradient with the background color and three other colors, and also you can look the result and the gradient at the same time with a little viewport that you can activate inside the node.

You can download it as a gizmo or copy and paste it from the text file.

Download ekaGradient gizmo

Download ekaGradient text file

You can find the gizmo in the Nukepedia as well:

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